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Boost your prospecting: Uncover Names, Emails, Job Titles, and LinkedIn Profiles effortlessly with just the Company Name!

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Build targeted prospect lists in minutes.

Tired of hunting down contacts and emails for a list of companies?

Step 1

Utilize simple and fast filters.

We take care of the rest; we clean, find contacts, find LinkedIn profiles, locate professional emails, and verify and test the existence of the emails

Step 2

Upload your file with company names.

Our technology allows you to launch your search using just the company name; there’s no need for the URL anymore

Up-to-the-minute data, available when you require it

Turn company list into contact profile e-mail list

Contact finder

We identify contacts within the company by specifying only the positions, country (CEO, CTO, Chief Financial Officer, professors, etc.). There are 70,000 referenced professions.

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Email + LinkedIn finder

We offer the contact’s email for verification prior to delivery, along with the contact’s profile URL. A credit is deducted only if the name + verified email + LinkedIn are identified

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AI-driven waterfall enrichment

We are the automated enrichment tool driven by artificial intelligence.

Upload an XLS/CSV file containing a list of company names, or search for contacts within the file.

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Lead geo-targeting

Our coverage spans the entire world, excluding Asian countries.

Verified email

We’ve created the inaugural algorithm for discovering and confirming catch-all emails, all without reliance on external databases or the need to send emails.


Enhance your records and workflows automatically.

Create tailored workflows using contactfinder’s API and initiate the expansion of contact enrichment. Connect and automate within minutes, allowing you to allocate time to more critical tasks.

Integrate into ContactFinder

Don’t compare, use them all

ContactFinder is the exclusive AI-driven tool for enriching data. It connects to 20+ data sources to find and confirm any email. Instead of signing up for various providers, which can be costly, ContactFinder offers access to over 20 data sources at a much lower price. No extra subscriptions are required.

1 credit = 1 full record

We only credit if we find all the info.

We understand that it’s frustrating to be credited for searches that haven’t yielded results. That’s why, at Contact Finder, we provide information only if we find the name, direct email, and LinkedIn link for your searches. You just need to upload a list of company names and configure the app to obtain the positions and the number of contacts you desire.

bulk or one by one

Upload your XLS or CSV file to Include just the company. Choose the country for better email-finding results. Wait a few seconds. Your file is ready!

Don’t have files? No problem! Just type in a company name and the type of profile you need, and we’ll find the right contact and email address for you. If we can’t find a valid email, you get a refund.

In 3 clicks.

It’s magical! Your company name file fills with professional profiles and emails.

We charge only for valid emails !

Try now, decide later—no credit card is required.

Generate lists of leads within minutes, not hours.




20 credits

  • 20 contacts found with emails. Catch-all verification
  • Credits roll over
  • No Support




300 credits

  • 300 contacts found with emails. Catch-all verification
  • Credits roll over
  • Support chat




1000 credits

  • 1000 contacts found with emails. Catch-all verification
  • Credits roll over
  • Support chat




3000 credits

  • 3000 contacts found with emails. Catch-all verification
  • Credits roll over
  • Support chat




5000 credits

  • 5000 contacts found with emails. Catch-all verification
  • Credits roll over
  • Support VIP (chat & Whatsapp)




8.000 credits

  • 8000 contacts found with emails. Catch-all verification
  • Credits roll over
  • Support VIP (chat & Whatsapp)




20.000 credits

  • 20.000 contacts found with emails. Catch-all verification
  • Credits roll over
  • Support VIP
  • Support chat & Whatsapp

100% no-risk money back guarantee


“ContactFinder is a fantastic starting point for my strategies as a Growth Hacker. It’s an essential tool. I recommend it without hesitation!”

Kevin Zimmermann

Customer – Growth Hacker


« A great product, it meets my needs, and until now, no other product has done this so simply. The API is also a game-changer for the product we sell. »

Jerome de Pocha

Customer – CEO DataOnTheChannel

Any questions?

Frequently asked questions

Do you send emails to my contacts?

No, we don’t send emails to your contacts. Our system uses client-server communication and advanced algorithms to classify email addresses as valid, invalid, or catch-all. We have developed state-of-the-art technology for verifying email address validity, with a 99% accuracy rate for our catch-all finder.

Do you charge duplicate contacts?

No, we don’t. Instead, we find and combine duplicate contacts in your files to keep things tidy, and there’s no extra charge for that.

How do search credits work?

Our system operates on a credit-per-verified-email basis. For instance, if you have 1000 credits and upload a file with 1,000 companies, and contactfinder successfully finds and verifies 600 emails, we refund 400 credits to your account. This approach offers significant value compared to a pricing-by-search model, ensuring you receive the expected number of verified emails.

What is your refund policy?

We have 97% or higher accuracy in delivering verified emails. However, the accuracy of our service depends on the data you upload onto the platform. If you provide a company without MX records, meaning without email inboxes, we won’t be able to find something that doesn’t exist.

How fresh are data returned by ContactFinder?

All our data is collected in real-time, which is highly advantageous if you require consistently updated information. Nevertheless, since all our searches occur in real-time, the processing time for a query can range from 3 to 10 seconds.

Is this GDPR?

In contrast to the majority of solutions in the market, we don’t rely on a database, whether purchased or compiled from our clients. We’ve created our own search algorithms, ensuring that the information we provide is consistently up-to-date. Reverse Contact stands as a professional information enrichment solution that is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

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